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Pink Entourage started generations ago with a family of European salon owners. It's roots in Europe, Pink Entourage spread its path to New York City.  The Founder has worked in the family salons as well as the top famous NYC salons.  Learning from the best in the industry. Taking and growing expertise with every year that passed.  Our founder has traveled and worked for runway shows, platform artistry, celebrities & photoshoots for the fashion & music industry in New York City and Los Angeles.  


Pink Entourage established itself as a distinguished business, focusing on natural beauty. We have always sought out, used and sold the best natural products. Our motto is "Natural is powerful".  After years of education and research we developed our own clean and natural haircare line our customers love.  We continue our unsurpassed reputation of providing the best salon quality haircare products and offer the latest in natural beauty products for all your beauty needs.   


Pink Entourage focuses on green initiatives in every aspect of our business  Everything in the space, from the infrastructure built, to the products created!  We truly search for and create the best sustainable products on the market - sustainable, vegan and non toxic.

We are aware of the abundance of toxic items in the beauty market, and pride ourselves on making and using only organic and natural products to ensure holistic beauty naturally. Our philosophy here at Pink Entourage focuses on healing, wellness, and relaxation. We believe in social responsibility and strive to be as green, sustainable, and conscious as possible in our business. 

Join us as we welcome you into the art of beauty, done naturally. Hope to see you soon!

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