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11 Beauty Tips for Valentine's Day

As Valentine's Day approaches we created some helpful tips to make the day of love even better! Here are some of our full proof beauty tips to help you feel and look amazing.

1. Use a microfiber or cotton T-shirt to dry your hair instead of a traditional towel. This will be more gentle on your hair and absorb more water. Make sure to wrap hair in towel and then scrunch dry to avoid frizziness.


 2. Make a DIY scrub twice a week to reveal clear skin! DIY scrubs are fun, effective and you can make them at home. Use this homemade scrub with honey, yogurt, oats and sea salt that will calm skin, hydrate and heal open wounds !

 3. Mineral over liquid. To add a fresh glow to the skin, opt for mineral makeup rather than liquid. Not only does it blend easier to the skin, but mineral makeup is more natural for overall skincare. Some mineral makeup has some natural sun protection too, to further protect your skin.

 4. Get a healthy glow under makeup by using oil! Hydrating your face with oil, prior to foundation. The oil helps as a barrier from your skin to makeup and adds a subtle glow to your skin. Try grape seed, jojoba or hemp seed oil.

 5. Go red ! Want to brighten up your look? Find the right shade of red lipstick and go. Red lipstick is not only a classic look, but it immediately brightens up any look in minutes. From cool to warm reds, the right red will change your life.

6. Get a trim. You should be getting your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks to remove any split ends. A little trim can automatically make hair look healthier and help it get longer. Track your trims and schedule them ahead of time, so you can keep your hair looking fresh.

7. Always moisturize. Skipping a moisturizer, especially in the winter months, is never a good idea. Always use a moisturizer under makeup and/or an SPF to protect against the sun.

8. Always wash your makeup off before bed! Never fall asleep with last nights makeup, not only does it clog your pores and allows bacteria to build up but, your makeup will transfer all over your pillow cases harboring more germs. Keep some makeup removing towels in your bathroom, just in case.

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