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Brows on Fleek?

The right brow shape makes everything better!

Straight from a makeup artist, here are FIVE ways to fuller brows...

1) Growth Serum

Speed up hair growth with by using growth serum diligently for a month. We recommend 

Grande Lash-MD eyelash and brow formula. 

2) Tint 'Em

Cover your grays or just add impact for 3-4 full weeks with brow tinting in our salon!

3) Tweeze & Trim

Stumped on what your shape is? Come in and see us for an initial shaping that will be your guide for all the touch ups you choose to do yourself. 

4) Add Extentions

Temporary brow extensions? Yes! We take tiny, synthetic, individual hairs and glue them onto your existing brow for a fuller look. These last up to two weeks!

5) Special Effects

Use a highlighter and corrective color to fill in your brows-- this is key. Come in and see us to learn the best technique for the look you want to achieve. 

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