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Let's Make 2019 Successful: Making a Goal!

Step 1 in making a change is to create a goal! A goal is "the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result."  In 2019, not only do we want you to make progressive changes to becoming a better you but we want you to exceed in life. In 2019 you can expect Pink Entourage to drop our equine natural hair products (website coming soon 🤭), adding a re-fill station in our salon for shampoo and conditioner and continuing to make Pink Entourage the best eco-salon in the tri-state area! Here are our tips to being successful in 2019:

1. Relax! In 2019 we want you to take self-care to the next level. Sometimes we can't stay focused because we are bombarded with things we have to do. The best way to attack your goals is too approach them with a calm, tranquil mind.

 2. Write it down. The best way to hold yourself accountable is to write down your goals. Hearing and seeing your goals are two different things. When you see them, they become more memorable, more real and tangible. Also, the satisfaction of crossing out a goal that you accomplished is more than satisfying. Get a journal and write down your goals for the year.

 3. Short and long-term alike. Sometimes we are so focused on long-term goals that it is hard to gage if we are making progress towards achieving them. Writing down long-term goals, short-term goals that accumulate to bigger goals and daily goals is a great way to see that your working towards your future and a  great boaster to confidence!

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