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#TipTuesday Static Solutions!

The best part about being in the beauty salon is asking your hair dresser to share her best kept hair secrets. With Tip Tuesday, we are bringing the advice from our expert staff at Pink Entourage to you, wherever you might be!

It's almost time to say good-bye to winter (yay!), but we are not completely free from those cold nights, snow scares, and-- perhaps the worst thing about winter-- the static! If you're suffering from static hair syndrome, have no fear, Pink Entourage is here with solutions! Our stylists have broken things down into two categories: preventative tips and on the fly fixes. Agnet Dinger, Pink Entourage founder and CEO says, "Static means your hair needs moisture, and these tips will help retain moisture for long term static relief".

Preventative Tips: For the girl who fights static on a daily basis. 

1) Condition more-- it sounds simple, but if you don't like to condition your hair, think again. This could solve your static problem!

2) Use a clarifying shampoo-- this will help remove any build up. We recommend Aveda's Shampure which is all-natural and available in the shop!

3) Use an ionic hair dryer-- these special hair dryers help reduce electric charge.

4) Get a humidifier-- the dry air in your home is not a friend of your morning routine. Getting a humidifier will not only make getting ready less of a struggle, but it will do wonders for your health!

5) Don't use plastic combs or brushes-- opt for metal on the dry days to, once again, counteract that charge!

6) Don't wash your hair everyday-- this is a hard idea for a lot of people to get on board with, but it's worth a try, trust us. Use a dry shampoo on the in-between days, and you'll be amazed.

7) Wear leather soled shoes-- guess why.. that's right! It helps counteract the charge.

On the fly Tips: For the girl who doesn't battle static often, but still finds it stealing a few good hair days.

1) Add water-- just a little bit of H2O, especially on the end, will help tame the electric charge.

2) Add oil-- Agnet suggests starting at the ends and working your way to the middle of your hair. If you've been in the salon, you've definintely heard about ELC's RD Repair Damage Plus Leave in Protein Cream. We love it, and it's available in the shop!

3) Static Guard-- the same product you use on your clothes can be used on your hair to defend against stubborn static!

4) Use hairspray-- is static making your hair stubborn? Use a little extra hairspray on those dryer days to tame the strands that want to run loose. 

5) Adjust the style of your hair-- hopefully we have given you enough tips to defeat the static villain, but just in case, always have an up-do idea ready for the worst of static days so you can stay confidently beautiful!

Now that we've defeated one hair villain, we need to conquer the next one! If you are in need of a beauty solution, let us know! Your question could be answered on our next Tip Tuesday!

Email us at #TipTuesday

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