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7 Day Summer Challenge!

It's officially summer which means BBQ's, vacations sun and fun. Pink Entourage is launching our 7 Day Summer Challenge, where we celebrate what we love about summer.  This contest will last from June 18th-24th and it's a chance for you to win a discount of 30% off your favorite Pink Entourage product. You must post all 7 days and tag our Instagram, so we can keep track. Make sure you use the hashtag "#PinkSummerChallenge" on all post. Check out our list below and start posting to win!

1. BBQ's

Burgers, hotdogs, kebabs and corn, we will take it all! Not only is summer the time for BBQ's but it also brings family bonding and good energy. 

2. Beaches

The best place to relax and just enjoy the water! Beaches are undeniably one of the best destinations that summer brings. Whether it's tropical or local, we love beaches!

3.  Beach Sunsets

The only thing better than a beach, is a sunset on the beach. It's beautiful, calm and brings a tranquility that only summer can bring.

4. Friends and Family

School is over, work schedules are laxed and you finally have free time to enjoy others companies. Summer is the best time to plan a trip, a lunch or a night with your loved ones!

5. Ice Cream

Although ice cream can be eaten year-round, there's nothing like ice cream in the summer. It's the guilty treat that cools you down and makes you feel good!

6. Fruit Water

Nothing like a lemonade on a hot summer afternoon, but strawberry water on a hot summer day is not too shabby! Fruit water detoxes your body, refreshes your taste buds and looks just as good as it taste!

7. Vacation

 The best part about summer is vacations. It's your time to go on an adventure, relax with friends, explore new things and see the beauty that the world has to offers. Now that you read our favorite summer things, start posting yours now and make sure to tag our Instagram.

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